Character, not condoms

Character, not Condoms E-Newsletter, October-November 2008

Regina Wells and her granddaughter Daryn at the Accountability Partner Matching Dinner .

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Mrs. Ella Byrne, Northwest Chapter Director
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Yun-A leads discussion with SWWWR Youth.
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Oct. 4 Seminar Participants
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Executive Director Richard Urban Discusses abstinence issues over lunch
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Richard Urban, Daryn, & Hosts Towan Isom and Erica Singletary
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        Accountability Partner Matching Dinner

Matching dinner – ULTRA Teen Choice and the Pilgrim Baptist Church youth ministry teamed up to provide an accountability partner matching dinner at Hunan Dynasty restaurant on Nov. 5.  The purpose of the dinner, according the Richard Urban, ULTRA Teen Choice executive director, is for youth to be matched with an accountability partner, a mentor who will guide the youth and hold them accountable for their pledges of abstinence.

The dinner’s program began with remarks by Sarah Urban of ULTRA Teen Choice who encouraged the youth to be abstinent and make the right choices so they will be able to tell their future husbands or wives that they are pure. She told the youth they could be a role model for their brothers and sisters and future children.
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Northwest Chapter opens in Seattle, Washington

ULTRA Teen Choice welcomes Mrs. Ella Byrne as the newly commissioned director of the Northwest Chapter of ULTRA Teen Choice.  Mrs. Byrne is the mother of three girls and two boys.  Her oldest daughter, Jin Joo Ellen Byrne was murdered in 2002.  Many were deeply touched by the life of Jin Joo.  She had a love of purity and of the ideal of marriage, and she had a heart to help other young people. The formation of ULTRA Teen Choice was inspired by the life of Jin Joo.  We wish Mrs. Byrne well as she brings the message of ULTRA Teen Choice to the Northwest United States and beyond.

HIV/AIDs Prevention Services Provided to SWWWR

ULTRA Teen Choice is providing HIV/AIDs and teen pregnancy prevention services for the after-after school program for middle and high school youth being provided by the Southwest Washington West of the River Family Strengthening Collaborative.  The program serves youth living in the Greenleaf area of near Southwest Washington, DC.  A series of four sessions are provided once per week by a team of two young adult facilitators plus Director Richard Urban. 

The following topics are being covered:  Living in the Age of AIDS, Deciding Your Future, Video presentations and discussion using the ULTRA Teen Choice Why Wait?:  Classroom Peer Counseling and Free Teens Love Smart videos, and peer counseling sessions on Resisting Peer Pressure and Learning Assertive Techniques.

Call ULTRA Teen Choice at 202-558-5550 or email rurban@ultrateenchoice.org to inquire about prevention services for your organization or program.

Abstinence Training Seminars

– About 20 adults and young people participated in a directive abstinence training seminar on Oct. 4. A group numbering about half of the participants came from North Carolina to attend. The event was held by ULTRA Teen Choice at Pilgrim Baptist Church, 700 I St. NE. Participants received information on being a Star Guide accountability partner, an ULTRA Teen Choice lecturer and an ULTRA Teen Choice chapter coordinator.
High school youth – Daryn Hinnant, Brieana Jones, and Shera’e Smith – offered a peer counseling demonstration. They also led a session on learning assertive techniques.
Richard Urban, ULTRA Teen Choice executive director, gave a presentation showing how to be an ULTRA Teen Choice lecturer, giving HIV-AIDS prevention education and a session on setting goals. He also explained how to start an abstinence club in schools, Star Guide accountability partnership, and how to establish an UTLRA Teen Choice chapter.

ACLC Christian outreach worker training :

On Nov. 3 American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) representatives received information on how to be an ULTRA Teen Choice lecturer and start an ULTRA Teen Choice chapter in their churches or communities.
Richard Urban, ULTRA Teen Choice executive director, was the presenter. The event was held at the Christian Love Baptist Church on Bladensburg Road. The pastor is Rev. Ronald Brown of the ACLC.

Those attending will be deciding how to proceed. It was clear that the participants believe the abstinence message needs to be spread. Reports will be made as decisions are made and developments occur.

Spiritually Speaking Radio Show :

ULTRA Teen Choice spoke out on a weekly radio show, “Spiritually Speaking.com,” which aired in August on Talk radio WPGC 1580 AM.
The show, hosted and produced by Towan Isom and Erika Singletary, airs on Sundays at 2 p.m. The topic for the three weeks ULTRA Teen Choice appeared was abstinence.

On the first show, Richard Urban, ULTRA Teen Choice executive director, talked about how ULTRA Teen Choice works with youth to help them be successful in life through abstinence from sex before marriage, drugs and alcohol. The program does this through education about HIV-AIDS prevention and successful relationships, mentoring, peer counseling, and talking about goals and what qualities it takes to be a good parent.

Mr. Urban explained that he was in schools but is not now since D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee came in last year with a political agenda that is against directive, abstinence only programs such as ULTRA Teen Choice and banned him from D.C. schools. ULTRA Teen Choice now works with youth in community organizations, after school programs, and churches such as Pilgrim Baptist Church.

When asked about what parents can do to encourage abstinence, Mr. Urban said parents should model their values and make their expectations of abstinence clearly known. He said that 43 % of high schools students are staying sexually abstinent. Read More

 Fundraising drive

It’s not too late. The fundraising is ongoing and you can still make a monthly pledge or give a single donation. If you made a monthly pledge or promised to give a single donation, but haven’t sent it yet, please do so as soon as possible. It will be greatly appreciated and it will enable us to continue our work helping young people be successful in life through encouraging abstinence. Please call 202/558-5500 or visit our website at www.ultrateenchoice.org for further information.

Watch The I am Abstinence Working video:
at www.ultrateenchoice.org. Hear testimonies of ULTRA Teen Choice youth about why abstinence works for them and about how the ULTRA Teen Choice program makes a difference in their lives.

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Healthy Intimate Relationship Education Program (HI PREP)
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11/19/08: (HI PREP)Growing as Brothers & Sisters, and The Temptation

12/3/08:(HI PREP) What is Your Price Tag?

12/10/08:(HI PREP)Certificates of Completion presented, and video interviews.

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